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Articles for our website.


We're looking for technical stuff like;

  • General restoration. eg. Car dismantling, reco/paint/repair and re-assemble. Either partial or complete car.  Body, interior, mechanical, electrical, etc.

  • Mechanical repairs. eg. Removal/repair/replace of gearbox, diff, suspension, engine, etc, etc.

  • How to.... repair this or that... replace an axle.. a starter motor.. a water pump.. time an engine.. etc.
    Not necessarily 'THE' only/correct/best way, but 'ONE' way.  To show tools and/or equipment required.  Clearly the info would be specific to your vehicle, but it could help others as well.
    You may have already done some work and have photo's, or how about the next time you do a job on the Stude, take a few pics and put a some words together to make up an article?
    It's generally easier to start a job, if you have an idea of what is ahead of you.

Workshop Pages

Information shown within these pages are suggestions only, and not necessarily

intended to be the correct or only way to carry out a repair.

If you choose to use this information by clicking any of the links, you do so at your own risk

The SCCNSW, and/or it's members, will not be held accountable for problems that may occur as a result of using this information.



Red Bulbs

Engine Oils


Specifications & Information

Car related Stuff. Links open in a new window.

Engine Specs 1946 to 1956


Cyl. Head Compression Ratios


Avanti Engine


Engine Numbers


Car Specs 1930 to 1939


Car Specs 1940 to 1949


Car Specs 1950 to 1959


Car Specs 1960 to 1966


Stude V8 Engine ID

Links to SDC


Engine Paint Colour Guide

Links to StudeParts Qld.


'51~'64 Cylinder Head I.D.

Links to StudeParts Qld. 

'62~'64 Carter Carb I.D. Chart

Links to StudeParts Qld.

Studebaker Specs Pre War


Stude Specs Post War


Packard - Post War



Hawk Model & Production Info

McCulloch Supercharger History


Vehicle Maintenance

Links to useful 'How To' websites.

V8 Water Pumps

(Thanks Arthur G)

Engine Tuning

(Thanks Joe DeV)

Bellcrank Repair

(Thanks Ken G)


Workshop Equipment

For those who like to fix or make junk.

How to Make a 'Pan Brake

(Sheet metal Bender)


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