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2nd June 2013

Breakfast Run - Sublime Point Restaurant.


Many thanks to John G for the photo's.


What a rotten day for a drive in our Studes, raining, cold, and foggy.


Not a lot else to do on such a miserable day, so drag out the Cruiser, fire it up and head off to pick up my mate Owen.  On the way, I was thinking I would have the only Stude there, and that only a couple of other mad members might venture out on such shocker of a day.


And it got worse the further we went, having to slow down for the fog. We nearly missed the turn into the parking area. (You can see how foggy it was through the windows in John's photo's below)


Finally arriving at the car park, it looked like the Mercedes Benz club were having breakfast there as well.

No, it was Scott, Chris, and Ray. I parked my Mercedes lookalike with the Mercedesbakers, and we ventured inside.


For a while it looked like we were going to be the only 5 there, then one by one we were joined by other members.


Wow, we ended up with about 22 for breakfast, and 3 Studes in the car park.


What a great bunch of people.  This is what the club is about.


Breakfast was plentiful, hot and delicious.  Nice sausages too.

The restaurant was great with friendly staff, and plenty of room in a comfortable dining area.

We will definitely go back again, but we'll pick a better time of year next time.


Many thanks to Ron with the Avanti and Colin with the GT for bringing the cars along, and many thanks to everyone for turning a dull day into an enjoyable day.


Steve K












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