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Club Run

28th February 2010

American Car Sunday, Warriewood.


Many thanks to Steve L, Gary K, Steve W, & Ray H  for the photo's and report.


The weather was overcast and warm, with a late storm forecast.


In attendance was:

Member   Vehicle
Scott R   51 Champion Sedan
Steve W   51 Starlight Coupe
Ray H   52 Starlight Coupe
Peter L & Gary K   60 Hawk
Chris R & Noel M   62 GT Hawk
Steve L   63 Champ Pickup

Our Club did alright when it came time to pick up the trophies at the end of the day, although Scott and Ray had disappeared by the time their 2 seconds of fame came around.

Scott R - 2nd, 50's Car

 Ray H - Top Studebaker Car
Steve L- 3rd, 60's Car

Approx 400 cars in attendance. Many makes represented as seen in the photos below.

Steve L

If you have any other photo's or a report from this event, and would like to share, please send them to our webmaster.


Scott R, '51 Champion Sedan.


Steve W, '51 Starlight Coupe.


Ray H, '52 starlight Coupe.


Peter L, '60 Hawk.


Chris R, '62 GT Hawk.




Steve L, '63 Champ Pickup.



















































Something for almost everyone.


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