Studebaker Car Club Of New South Wales Inc.



Invitation Club Run

1st March 2009

Warriewood American Car Show.

Organised by Pittwater Rotary.


Many thanks to Gary K for the report and photo's,

plus photo's from Peter Leyden.


The weather was fine and warm, being a perfect day to mix it with some American black iron.


In attendance from our club were;

Brenden Walker   61 Hawk
Perry & Helen   Lark Hardtop

Peter Leyden



Steve Leyden  

57 Transtar

Gary, Birgit & Sascha


62 Lark


The American Car Show attracted some interesting cars last year so it was listed as a club event for 2009 and once again there were some interesting cars to inspect and interesting people to talk to.

The day began for me in the dark with the promise of a free breakfast from the Pittwater Rotary Club, that is, if your car was in place between 6AM and 7AM.  I am not at my best on Sunday morning so by the time I “got the show on the road’ and drove to Warriewood the free breakfast was over and my hunger was increasing.

Perry Peterson and Helen beat me through the front gate by a car length and we found Brenden Walker and his 61Hawk already camped in our designated area. (I never did ask if he was early enough for the free breakfast)

Next to arrive were the Swedish connection, Steve and Peter Leyden in their respective vehicles. Steve did not arrive with his truck in the covered wagon mode probably in the interest of speed over the ground. Anything over a horse walk would create a huge drag factor and a massive increase in fuel consumption.

Steve quickly erected the covered wagon canopy that made it look like a chuck wagon and further reminded me I had not had breakfast.

Perry has done a bit more work on the black Lark Hardtop and tells me he has a red Lark Hardtop that he is working on. I was thinking, Perry has had more Studebakers than I have had hot breakfasts that of course made me even hungrier.

Next was a tour of some of the brand x’s with Brendon Walker with about 200 to look at.

Brendon’s knowledge of cars, any brand, was amazing he must have spent most of his life memorizing car facts. When looking at the Corvettes he knew all about the Corvette prototype with a mid engine twin rotor power plant not a widely know bit of GM history.

The only Graham Page present was interesting as the owner Herman Zap his wife, Candelaria and their small children had driven it from Argentina or at least to the closest ports. Their dream was to drive around the world in this wooden spoked car and began at Beunos Aires and continued to Purdoc Bay, Alaska. The trip included shipping the car up the Amazon River on a small barge and driving across the deserts of USA, a remarkable feat considering they have a car built in the 20’s no sponsor and little money other than that generated by selling copies of their book “Spark Your Dream”.

I spoke to their son who was about seven years old and was impressed by his perfect English and confidence, what a great adventure for a small boy. He will probably become a knowledgeable Graham Page mechanic as they have had their share of breakdowns.
For more about this amazing eight year adventure go to

A stand out car to my eyes was the 30’s two door Dodge complete with Dickie seat and beautiful Art Deco features. The detail of the restoration was stunning.  The owner bought it on the internet sight unseen, from a US lady, she and her late husband had one each. Although the A$ was @US.95 at the time of purchase he is a braver man than me.

An eighty six year old gentleman came up to talk to us, said he once had a super charged Hawk. The super charger kept destroying bearings so often he removed it from the car. Then tried to fit the supercharger to a flat head Ford, sacrilege!

It was now one o clock and my wife Birgit and daughter Sascha arrived with very nice lunch which I now called breakfast, well, Frank Sinatra used to have breakfast between 1 and 2PM.

The day became very hot and cars started to drift off so after checking the automotive books for sale we packed the chairs and sun umbrella away in the Lark.

We said good buy to Bob Radnidge and congratulated both him and Kevin Monk on organising a top day and headed home for The Hills.






Brenden Walker - 61 Hawk.


Peter Leyden - 60 Hawk.


Gary K - 62 Lark.


Steve Leyden - 57 Transtar.



Perry Peterson - Lark Hardtop.



Some other interesting vehicles on the day.
















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